Harmonic Filter Reactor

SUNNY Detuned reactors are used to protect the shunt Capacitors bank from Harmonic Amplification & Harmonic Overloading of Capacitors. De-Tuning reactors are used to tune the capacitors Bank toknow desirable Frequency to avoid the probability of resonance or harmonic amplification & thus protect the capacitorsfrom Harmonic overloading.SUNNY offers a wide range of reactors for Capacitors banks rated from 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr with % impedance of 5.67%, 7% & 14%.

These reactors are available with following types: Aluminum Flat, Aluminum Foil & Copper Conductor.


  1. High Harmonic Loading Capacity.
  2. Low Losses.
  3. Convenient Mounting
  4. High Harmonic Loading Capacity.
  5. Temperature protection (NC Contact).
  6. High Class Copper ,AL Flat & AL Foil used.
  7. Vacuum Impregnation which ensures they can with stands high Voltage, have Low noise & offer a long operating Time.
  8. High Class Iron Core with multiple Air Gaps as well as staid design approach. Guarantee high Current Linearity & Low heat dissipation Losses.

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